Awakening the Islamic Spirit
Location: Sydney, Australia

Awakening the Islamic Spirit, a conference organized by the Muslim Students’ Associations (MSA) of New South Wales gathered renowned local and international personalities to answer these “big questions in the west”:

  • The Muslim Ummah bleeds: What can we do from here?
  • Do those with mental illness need more Faith?
  • Muslim women are mistreated: Is Feminism the answer?
  • Entering the matrix: Can my career be Islamic?
  • Homosexuality in the Muslim Community: Have we criminalised our own?

Muslims in the west suffer from a wide range of issues such as activism, minority rights and careers. These challenges raise questions, which are often not addressed and leaving the Muslim youth in a state of confusion. This conference aimed to discuss and provide direction to deal with the above-mentioned issues.

With over 244 people in attendance, this conference responded to the burning questions of the youth and included them in the discussion of complex topics. Moreover, it encouraged and inspired the youth that they can make a positive difference in the community.


Interested in watching the talks or reading the magazine? Follow this link:



– Sydney University Muslim Students’ Association

– Macquarie University Muslim Students’ Association

– Muslim Society of Strathfield

– Cumberland Muslim Society

– University of NSW Muslim Students’ Association

– University of Technology Sydney Muslim Society

– Muslim Students’ Association Campbelltown – Western Sydney University

– Muslim Students’ Association Parramatta – Western Sydney University

– Muslim Students’ Association Bankstown – Western Sydney University

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