Forgotten Legacy
Location: Melbourne, Australia

A unique, first of its kind conference organized by the Victorian MSAs, which dwelled into the history of Islam to answer difficult questions about the past and present. How did “the Greatest nation” come to the state it is in today?

Through a range of talks and panels consisting of prominent speakers and experts, the ground-breaking conference critically examined the history and derived lessons to shape the future. That’s not all, an astonishing exhibition and spectacular documentary premiere further explored the Islamic history, which allowed the audience to engage with the content in an innovative fashion.

This event was well-received as 186 people were in attendance. Since the talks, discussions and magazine are preserved in their website, the beneficiaries are countless. There were many profound lessons we can learn from our history, which was brilliantly captured in this incredible conference.

Upon critical evaluation of the Golden Age, “So while it may appear at first glance to be a narrative which favours Muslims, which acknowledges the influence Islam had upon European history, at its core it is story about Muslim deficiencies.” -Will Scates Frances


Missed out? No worries, you can access the talks and magazine via link below:



– University of Melbourne Islamic Society

– Monash Caulfield Islamic Society

– Monash University Islamic Society

– Islamic Society Deakin University – Burwood

– Swinburne Islamic Society

– RMIT Islamic Society (RMITIS)

– Islamic Society of Victoria University

– La Trobe University Islamic Society

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