Losing my Religion
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Organized by the Muslim Students’ Associations (MSAs) of Victoria, the “Losing my Religion” conference delved into crucial topics of God’s existence, the rationale for choosing Islam, evolution, Muslim women and residing as a Muslim in today’s hostility.

As young Muslims living in the west, we are often questioned about our belief. Some of the challenging questions can decrease our confidence in Islam and threaten our belief system. Interrogation through intellectual questions about the practicality of Islam in the modern world are among the major challenges we encounter.

The fruitful conference addressed this issue like never seen before in Australia, with talks and discussions by prominent local and international speakers. The attendance of 750 people was a testament to the relevance of this conference to the community.

“My brothers and sisters, you have got to make a decision, do you want to stand in the support of truth or false?” – Bilal Assad


Interested in listening to the talks and asking questions?

Check out the conference details, videos and questions here -> https://www.losingmyreligion.com.au/



– University of Melbourne Islamic Society

– Monash Caulfield Islamic Society

– Monash University Islamic Society

– Islamic Society Deakin University – Burwood

– Swinburne Islamic Society

– RMIT Islamic Society (RMITIS)

– Islamic Society of Victoria University

– La Trobe University Islamic Society

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