Reviving my Religion
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Organized by the Muslim Students’ Associations (MSAs) of Victoria, the “Reviving my Religion” conference was a necessity after the first conference: “Losing my Religion”. Why do we need to revive the religion?

Many Muslims lack the confidence required to live their lives Islamically. This lack of confidence can stem from several root problems, which this conference demystified and provided practical ways to revive the religion. The conference focused on Yaqeen (certainty), identity, leadership, love, unity and solutions with some of the most influential mashayekh and experts in Australia.

It was a productive event filled with talks, audience Q&A, speaker panels and spoken word performance. Panel discussions comprehensively covered challenges faced by Muslim women and the communal or political Muslim activists. An example of the beneficial lessons attained from this conference is

“When you hold fast to your principles, the majority of people will respect you” – Umm Jamal Uddin

Check out the conference details, videos and questions here via link below:



– University of Melbourne Islamic Society

– Monash Caulfield Islamic Society

– Monash University Islamic Society

– Islamic Society Deakin University – Burwood

– Swinburne Islamic Society

– RMIT Islamic Society (RMITIS)

– Islamic Society of Victoria University

– La Trobe University Islamic Society

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