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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do this initiative?

There are more than a thousand reasons to why we did this initiative, we’re briefly going to list a few:

  • Firstly, this project was inspired by the hadeeth of our Prophet PBUH (The best of you are the most beneficial to people). And we hope to be beneficial to you all in sha’ Allah
  • No centralised, peer reviewed, tailor-made resources are available for MSAs to use. Now they do in sha’ Allah!
  • Students struggle day in day out, and we just wanted to help with most aspects to improve their overall wellbeing!
  • We are Jannah greedy, and we want this as a Sadaqah Jariyah for us
  • We want to leave a legacy! Something behind for after we pass away. Something for our children to use and benefit from
  • We believe the future is in our Youth, and we want to help build the Leaders of tomorrow
  • MSA was an absolute blissful time for us, but it was a bit difficult with all the new skills you need to teach yourself and little help to ask around… So we want to make it easier for new MSAs to build themselves up in sha’ Allah, and know they have a place to ask for resources, help and advice!
  • We want to help MSAs stay away from re-inventing the wheel every year, and focus more on developing content further and better as well as focus on developing their skill-sets and do more events

Why call it Productive MSA, and not something else?

We chose the name Productive MSA (Muslim Students’ Association) for two reasons:

  1. Our goal is to increase the productivity of our youth and create leaders of the future, hence the word Productive.
  2. MSA was chosen to reflect and connect students and the general community to the name MSA. We want students to graduate knowing there is an MSA (or Islamic Society or SRC) they can join and volunteer in. It was also chosen as one of our main target audiences are MSA students!

What is your Target Audience?

Our main target audience are senior high-school students and University students. That being said, we also aim to tap into Youth at Mosques and Organizations in equipping them with amazing skillsets they could use in benefitting their local communities!

Are you an Umbrella Body and do you represent and speak on behalf of Australian MSAs?

Simply put, NO. We are not an umbrella body for Australian MSAs, we do not advocate or speak on their behalf. What we do is:

  • Connect students and the community with their local MSAs
  • Share events, articles and content that MSAs create
  • Help MSAs in every way, shape and form possible for us to help them with!

Do you fundraise on behalf of MSAs?

Simply put, NO. We can pass on donations we receive to MSAs or fundraise for materials that MSAs can use and are given absolutely for free! But we are clear about what we’re using the donations for, and in asking for donations, we are clear that we are not fundraising on MSA’s behalf, and that we are only here to help. Items we fundraise for include but are not limited to dates, Prayer Packs, Books, Musallah supplies etc.

We do not have much cost associated with keeping the website alive and after we finish majority of our resources, there won’t be any need for us to ask for Donations!

What are the conditions of joining the Productive MSA?

You could simply email us a request to join the Productive MSA Team on info@productiveMSA.org

Make sure you include your full legal name, address, Date of Birth and a copy of your ID/Passport/Driver’s License.

The cost is $10 which is a requirement as per the constitution and NSW Fair Trading terms for an Incorporated Association. But don’t worry, we’ll use that money to give back to YOU!

Why do you take so much time to post things and update content?

We appreciate your eagerness for more content, but we are a group of volunteers that are doing our best to balance between work, family, studies & this project. We have limited funds as well and this can lead to setbacks in posting new videos due to video-editing costs.

How can we help?

Thank you for asking that question, we need all the help we can get! You can help us through:

  • Making Dua’ for us and asking Allah to bless this initiative and accept it from us
  • Donating to assist us in completing our projects
  • Peer Reviewing our content and providing comments/feedback and even suggestions for future content
  • Liking our Facebook Page, and subscribing to our newsletter and YouTube Channel
  • Sharing the message through sharing our content and spreading the name! We all get the rewards (hasanaat) for this in sha’ Allah!

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